Did you know 2018 is the Canada-China Year of Tourism? This might be good timing in light of world events where the need to embrace trade and relationships with China are becoming more apparent. Combine that with a market segment — the Chinese customer — that is driving demographic change and market growth in Canada and a new marketing eco-system emerges. 
Join us at the annual Hamazaki Wong Summit where we will explore the changing marketing landscape and identify where opportunities can be found and leveraged.
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Summit Agenda

of June 26, 2018

- 8:30 AM -
Registration & Continental Breakfast
Program will start promptly at 9:00 AM

- 9:00 AM -
Introduction and Welcome
2018 is the Canada-China Year of Tourism. Apart from the name of the program, which sounds bilateral (eg. Encouraging Canadians to go to China and Chinese to come Canada), this is not the case. It’s all about inbound from China to Canada. So what does this mean for your business and brand? Will this be an impetus for future migration and a more diverse marketplace? What is the role of Chinese consumers in our immediate and near future? Presented by Sonny Wong, Creative Director, Hamazaki Wong.

- 9:20 AM -
The new Canada: How the forces of change are creating a new Canada
Canada, once one of the world’s most consensual countries, is polarizing; with the west versus the east, suburban versus urban, immigrants versus old school, coffee drinkers versus consumers of energy drinks. The winners—in politics, in business, in life—will figure out where the people are and go there too.
This presentation will illustrate how emerging and accelerating demographic forces are re-shaping Canada.
Presented by Kyle Braid, Senior Vice President, IPSOS.
Kyle Braid (SVP) manages the public affairs research division of Ipsos in Western Canada. His areas of specialty include issues management, communications and reputation research. He is the main spokesperson for Ipsos on media releases in Western Canada. Kyle has been with Ipsos for 16 years and has worked in the research industry for close to 25 years.

- 9:50 AM -
Walking the Walk and Talking the Talk
This presentation will focus two important aspects of marketing to the diversity of Chinese audiences in Canada and the U.S.: Image management and language management. Language management involves spoken words (Mandarin vs. Cantonese) and written characters (Traditional vs. Simplified). Image management involves Chinese identity issues such as: Chinese-looking people in North American Chinese social environments; Chinese-looking people in largely Euro-North American social environments; and Chinese-looking people in multicultural social environments. Other image management issues touched upon include: upscale vs. mass consumers; female vs. male consumers; younger vs. older consumers; and hi-tech vs. low-tech consumers.
Presented by Jan Walls, Professor Emeritus, Simon Fraser University
Jan W. Walls (also know as: 王健) is a Professor Emeritus in the Humanities Department at Simon Fraser University, where he was Founding Director of the David Lam Centre for International Communication and the undergraduate Asia-Canada Program. In addition to teaching Chinese and Asian Studies at the University of British Columbia, the University of Victoria and Simon Fraser University, he also served as First Secretary for Cultural and Scientific Affairs at the Canadian Embassy in Beijing (1981-83), and Senior Vice-President of the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada (1985-87). He has published many translations of traditional Chinese poetry and prose. He is currently a Director of the Canadian Society for Asian Arts and serves as an Honorary Advisor to several Chinese Canadian cultural organizations.

- 10:25 AM -
Where's Your Story?
When it comes to media relations, the Chinese market is largely ignored by PR specialists. The result: incorrect information, differing market opinions between the Chinese and English-speaking markets, and omission of media coverage due to lack of outreach by companies and brands — which means the issues aren’t covered at all. In Chinese media, the walls between church and state merged before English-language media and before Donald Trump. The next media frontier is the rise of media relations and its role in the communications mix. By 2031, the Chinese market is expected comprise 25% of the population in Metro Vancouver, taking it from niche to practically mainstream. This growth demands a new set of engagement touch points when it comes to building relationships.
Lilian Chen, Director of Strategy and Kate Zhao, Senior Content Producer, Hamazaki Wong, will explain the opportunity of media relations and how it can influence editorial conversations, why it matters to your business, and how marketers can better leverage powerful cultural cues to create your stories, and establish brand connections with Chinese consumers.
Presented by Lilian Chen, Director of Strategy and Kate Zhao, Copywriter & Content Producer, Hamazaki Wong

- 10:55 AM -

- 11:10 AM -
Payment Systems and the New Revolution
in Chinese Buying Behaviour
China, the world’s second largest economy, is defining the future now. Only 5 years ago, China was mostly a cash culture but now has grown to a US$15 Trillion Dollar Market. One the main reason was Wechat Pay, a platform solution to help unify merchant and consumer. Now merchants can have a direct connection with their customer and accept their payment within the same platform. Mobile Wallet enables users to access their bank account directly within China, pay for goods and services in their own currency and instantly exchange into Canadian Dollars for the merchant.

The security and ease in accepting payments has never been so effortless because cardholder information is kept secure except for an encrypted QR-Code. With over a decade of experience in the card processing industry and extensive knowledge in the tech field in sourcing the latest technology for consumers, Michael Wong of Alpha Pay, brings along his expertise to help Canadian Merchants grow their business and increase their bottom-line.
Presented by Michael Wong, Alpha Pay.

- 11:40 AM -
Ethnic Marketing Best Practices
You asked for it, we’ve heard you! Through a rapid-fire group of panelists, we will explore best practices for ethnic marketing through agency experience, case studies, and media observations.
Presented by Stewart Wong, Account Manager and Kelvin Yeung, Media Executive, Hamazaki Wong

- 12:00 PM -
The Emerging Middle Class
It’s well known that China’s middle class is transforming markets and consumerism around the world, including in Canada. But with rising education levels and greater exposure to English, Chinese consumers are increasingly developing a cultural duality that challenges marketers.This new middle class — that defaults to Chinese but understands English — is a new middle class, and one that could be described in cultural demographics terms. What does this mean to marketing and what kind of creative messaging could reach this segment while maintaining the traditional in-language base?

Examining this new frontier of marketing are Sonny Wong, creative director and Steve Feng, art director, Hamazaki Wong. 

Presented by Sonny Wong, Creative Director and Steve Feng, Art Director, Hamazaki Wong

- 12:30 PM -
Lunch and Wrap up

Join us for an afternoon cocktail at Mosaic Bar!

"Passionate, creative minds offered valuable insights on how to
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- Sabine G, Ocean Brands
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